Welcome to Rachel Jane Fitness

Rachel Jane Fitness is a fun, energetic dance fitness class for every”body”.

Expect to sweat, dance, box, twerk, tone and sculpt your entire body to motivating music.

The energy in the room is electric and we workout in the DARK. It’s a FIT party every week!

You don’t need any experience, the moves are designed to be uncomplicated and easy to follow and we offer low impact options.

We offer three Jungle Body programmes including KONGA®, TYGA® and BURN®. These three programmes are about celebrating all body shapes, ages, sizes and fitness levels.

Rachel Jane Fitness is inclusive and welcoming, don’t be afraid to try your first free class this Tuesday!

Class Timetable

Tuesday’s: 6:00PM – 6:50PM

Stirling Community Hall
Osborne Main Hall
11 Royal Street Osborne Park

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